Engineering and Commissioning for: Power Transmission and Distribution; Termo & Hidro Power Plants; Wind Farms; Photovoltaic Plants; WWTP; IT&C
IT & C complex Networks (LAN, (w)LAN, MAN, WAN);
IT & C Services and Maintenance;
Protection Relays (FAT, SAT, functional test);
Protection Panels test;
SCADA Systems for Dispatch and SAS, SCMS for Substations;
SCADA Systems for WWTP/Water Companyes;
SCADA Systems for Hidro/Termo Power Plants;
Power Transmission and Distribution (PTD) — primary and secondary circuits;
Electrical installations service and maintenance;
Electrical prophylactics checks and diagnoses.
Consulting and Site Management
IT & C — Professional Consulting Services;
Power Transmission and Distribution — Professional Consulting Services;
PTD — Site Management;
Professional consulting for:
• Energy projects (PTD);
• WAMAS SCADA projects (WAter MAnagement Systems), telemetry control of water and sewage networks, water treatment and plants control.
Project Management and Design
Project Management for:
• Energy projects (PTD & Power Plants);
• WAMAS projects(WAter MAnagement Systems);
• Electrical installations and erection.

Design for:
• PTD and Power Plant — SCADA Systems;
• Power Dispatch SCADA Systems;
• Hidro&Termo Power Plants;
• Renewable Plants;
• WAMA SCADA Systems;
• Automation Systems.